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The Brass Alligator specializes in offering an eclectic collection, consisting of antique lighting, vintage clothing, fine furniture, oil paintings, beautiful bronzes, antique books, and much more. Have you ever wondered where The Brass Alligator obtains such a vast inventory? Did you know that we buy from our clients? Some of your favorite items in the gallery come from the homes of devoted Brass Alligator clients like you.

Do you have a collection at home you're ready to let go of? Has a relative passed down a piece you're not quite fond of or have no need for? The Brass Alligator accepts your antique items from home and always offers a fair price. 

Kindly fill out the form provided, and please include pictures of the item(s) with a brief description and the price at which you wish to sell it. The Brass Alligator will call or email in response to discuss further. 

Interested in selling to The Brass Alligator?
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