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The Brass Alligator is excited to offer chandelier restoration services with the help of our newest member, Linda. With 25 years of experience, Linda rewires, cleans, and restyles chandeliers of any era. Her goal is to bring chandeliers back to life and, as she says, "give them more pizzaz." Restoring an antique chandelier involves taking the entire chandelier apart, removing all the crystals, and pulling leed and arm wires. Then she will replace them and rewire the chandelier correctly. Restyling a chandelier can involve turning arms around or adjusting them to the client's satisfaction. Linda says, although it varies, an average sized chandelier can take from 14 to 21 hours to complete, and while some are more intricate than others, she is always up for the challenge.



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Have you recently purchased a chandelier that needs some work? Has a relative passed down an antique chandelier you'd like restored? Drop off  your old lighting at The Brass Alligator, then sit back and relax while we turn it into that conversation piece you've been looking for. 

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