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Creating Intimate Seating in Your Home

Do you have a small space in a hall or entryway with a bare wall or an infrequently used piece of furniture that you’re unsure of what to do with it? A pleasant sitting area might just be the solution for you and you didn’t even know it.

The aforementioned area is much more common than you may think; that curio cabinet with the knick-knacks taking up an entire wall, grandma’s trunk that smells of moth balls, some random house plants huddled together that haven’t moved since college.

Reallocating one of these spaces can bring new life to your home, add additional storage, and get you excited about your space again. The use of a petite table and a pair of chairs can create an intimate space for two, great for conversation over drinks or a break in your busy day to leaf through a favorite book.

Staging this space can be as elaborate as you’re willing to make it, including a decorative wallpaper or color of your choice for a singular accent wall. Both of these options will bring additional attention to the seating area and draw your guests in. Lighting such a space can greatly influence the ambience and will vary dependent upon the adjacent rooms. As a generalization, you’ll want to add at least one table lamp (mandatory for readers) or a torchiere lamp behind one of the chairs. Either of these options should illuminate the space enough to be functional but not overtly.

The sitting area shown was created with only 74” of wall space, or just over 6’ in our shop on Clayton Rd. We used very traditional pieces but you can use the same concept while showcasing items true to your own design preferences.

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