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Estate Sale of a Lifetime Collector 09/29-09/30

A treasure trove of true antiques and collectibles!

This sale will unequivocally be the best sale in the St. Louis region of the fall. Bold prediction right? Our client was an antique/collectibles collector for their entire lives. Like many of you, they spent every weekend, lunch breaks and even vacations hunting for the next amazing find. It's ALL here. Many sales have their fair amount of household items and junk, this sale has nothing but legitimate collectibles. Not one dirty sock in this sale guys and its PACKED to the ceilings......

What can I expect to see or find?

There is literally something here for everyone and we're still finding items we didn't know were in the house; Antiques (true antiques), Mid Century Modern items (lamps, pots, baskets, side tables, decor, art, glass), Pottery, Glassware, Art Deco, Paintings, Mirrors, Toys, Albums, Furniture, Bronzes, Asian Art, African Art, Native American Art, Vintage Lighting, Hollywood Glam, Americana and so much more.

Prepping for the Sale:

We're expecting a large crowd. Knowing this and given the size of the house, numbers will be given out 30 minutes prior to the sale. 15-20 people will be let in and as people leave more people will be granted access. Please be patient and courteous of others. We strongly suggest you bring a tub, box or bag and newspaper as many of the items are delicate and will need safe transportation.

To view additional photos and for more information, see our listing on


Saturday, September 29th 10am-5pm Sunday, 30th 10am-4pm.


622 Tessmore Place, St. Louis, MO 63135

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